Mythos Daemonium

by Thy Only Forgotten



Mythos Daemonium is all about atmosphere, a very beautiful and peculiar instrument which co-relates to an artist and his creation. He uses his tools to paint the impressions which he perceives in his mind and splashes them out in grand fashion. Some are able to perceive it but some aren't. The same thing applies for extreme music as its not everyone's cup of tea to perceive dis-harmonies as dense and atmospheric as Thy Only Forgotten or The Chasm. But then the underground focuses on reaching out to a 'class' rather than a 'mass'. The musicians are nothing less than an artist trying to pour their earnest feelings out via their instruments.

The vocal passages, guitar tone and the overall charm possessed by this album is pretty much reminicscent of The Chasm - especially their latest offering Farseeing the Paranormal Abysm. But that is pretty obvious because they have the mastermind - Antonio behind them both. The basic thing which struck me on hearing the album for the first time was the slower, melancholic passages. It felt as I am drowning in a stream of psychedelia and getting deeper in it after every listen. This is the sheer power which atmospheric music can portray! The way it hypnotizes you is splendorous.

Subtle tremolo melodies work like a potion to keep oneself enraptured and swaying with the terrific passages of gloom which makes you feel like eternity.


released December 31, 2009

Roberto Valle (Plague) - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Antonio Leon (Night Wraith) - Drums
Carlos Lopez (Night fiend) - Vocals

Engineered, Mixed and Produced by Daniel Corchado



all rights reserved


Luxinframundis Productions Chicago, Illinois

Luxinframundis was created by Daniel Corchado in 2001,the main purpose of the Light of the Infraworld is to record, produce and release (in limited editions) music created from deep within, for pure personal fulfillment of the artist. 90% of the production process are done in-house and with a DIY attitude. ... more

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