Reaching the Veil of Death

by The Chasm

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When a band has as keen a sense of depth, melody, atmosphere and riff integration as The Chasm, even a stopgap EP such as this one will end up being more relevant and have more replay value than a vast majority of lesser bands' LPs. Reaching the Veil of Death consists of four new tracks (two full songs and an instrumental intro & outro), as well as a re-recording of "The Gravefields" (originally the first track from their doomy 1996 epic From the Lost Years...) and a cover of Bulldozer's "Cut-Throat". Over the span of these six tracks, The Chasm effectively showcase the full range and scope of their art. The title track is a fast moving tribute to the band's thrash influences, clearly rooted in 80's Slayer and Sodom. This song is imbued with a vibe that makes it as much an instant classic as the thrash which inspired it - a whirlwind of punishing riffs accentuated by beautifully melodromatic lead guitars and Daniel's always tortured vocals.

The remake of "The Gravefields" is just stunning. The original song was grandiosely doomy and melancholic but held down somewhat by a thin, uneven production. The reprise brings to life the death elements that were dormant in the original recording but not without sacrificing some of the depressive atonality. But it's a small price to pay, since the re- recording still winds up sounding significantly better than the first take.

"This Spiritual Profanity", the other new song is a bit more difficult to get into. More obtusely arranged and therefore less palatable than the title track, this one is an exploration of The Chasm's roots in early American death metal. Within this song appear both the Mental Funeral style sludgy atonal melodies that the band has used less and less on each subsequent album and the Altars of Madness style jackhammer blasting that gained a much more prominent role in The Chasm's sound on their last LP Procession To the Infraworld. Fortunately, Corchado & Co. manage to meld these two contrasting styles quite well and create a song that might not be immediate, but is certainly rewarding.

With Reaching the Veil of Death, The Chasm have reminded the metal world just why they are the best truly cult death metal band in the Western Hemisphere. Even with their Bulldozer cover, they manage to assert their own style that has yet to be successfully emulated by any other band. I await their next opus macabre with baited breath.


released December 31, 2000

Produced by Daniel Corchado



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Luxinframundis Productions Chicago, Illinois

Luxinframundis was created by Daniel Corchado in 2001,the main purpose of the Light of the Infraworld is to record, produce and release (in limited editions) music created from deep within, for pure personal fulfillment of the artist. 90% of the production process are done in-house and with a DIY attitude. ... more

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