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The Scars of a Lost Reflective Shadow

by The Chasm

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Many Times, I've seen this Dream, But in my Sight it Paints empty and Devoid but what I feel? or what do I gain? all I see is the wrecking from the Crushing waves of Darkness... But Embrace this fate, Grey Despair, Ride on Storms Towards Time's Destruction! Burn the light about the existence The mind falters when it feels the truth! Madness and Deceit, Creeping on this Realm... And I put forth, my bloodied arms With all the weight they carry, from all the years I've lived But Rise and strike to fulfill the space and Time Darkness and disease, for all the world to feel... Accept this fate, A warning Flare And kiss the Tombs For Time's Reconstruction! Many Times, I've felt the Dream, But in my Sight the illusion is Destroyed... The wisdom of fate, it’s just a vision from the end Forlorn, the acts of Mercy...Bereavement, Feel the loss of the way The wisdom of fate, it’s just a vision from the end Repentance, does not exist, In this empty and devoid sight...
I Open the wounds of my soul, to The cold voice taking control, it speaks to me once again, and with all it's power says: "Come forth, my beloved son! Hear this sweet, comforting roar” and as it calls me back from where I been born “From these shadows to the stars we'll go again!" And I Behold, at the strength of death's embrace But I will make thee a winged messenger, And bring thee news from my fiery land A place of desire for the wrath and Pain! Post Mortal strength, with the Burning of the Doomed False Gates final knowledge, watching me cry in peace, and the callous spectre, feeling through my gaze in grief, And now the pure light strays, to the end of time, the world in sway And For as much as I have loved death and for the infraworld my word possess... Between the Dark, and this endless fall, My mind is free, This is My reality And the subtle waves of rancid acrid rain Of flameless human fire, the greatest dreamland pyre! "You cannot stand against the power of the void, Nor against the laws of the Space and time" A Dimension so close, to the gravefields site of cosmic thrills, which I came to see! Of Fevered Dreams, of twilight pain Of frantic size, from the three archetypes! Blaze, demise, rebirth, appear in different forms! Retribution, ravage, pandemonium the Neverending Race! We will reach the pinnacle of our mind, and our world will return to itself in an endless storm of cognition....
Wraith from the end, Comes once again The great disease, The Colossal Times It told me how, the iron goes in the making of this arcane steel With black eyes shut with rage, To look deep, in deep space I bring this occult gift, To gain the control I need The Universe in chaotic form, Black holes dawn with melting cores Vortex of Stars and dust, to tear us all apart! With Heavy Winds, With force so unreal I take the path to nocturnal lands Feel this colossal times, Reborn to bring desolation... Mystery from ritualistic sights Bright screams will form the ruin’s Door Rising, after the dormancy The Universe in chaotic form, Black holes dawn with melting cores And as the hopes fly away I look deep, in deep trance I execute this occult gift To bring the existential ring With Heavy Winds, With force so unreal I take the path to nocturnal lands
So is the time to ascend, Through the fog so dense Triangular atmosphere, Once again appears I run the stairs from the depths Into the eye of a storm A white light burns in my mind, for Into the night I'll ride... Let me see, Let me meet, in another Land, When is the time to die. An eternity...But as time flies, The hopeless despair the weight of my fate, they vanish in sands Breaking the Mold, There's no shining hope Awake the deceased! There is no other life, Haven't you felt enough pain? I've tried to remind you well, We're all this headless prey... Let me be, in another land So lay the end upon yourselves, Eclipse the Sun, Drown the sorrow or Fill the wounds For the funeral symbols, Awaken the beast Let The raven be cursed, like the fate of all men! Reveal A convulsive haze, inverting the limbo of the earth Reducing the planes to dread, universal mantle of disgrace This plague full swift goes by, Physical energy must fade All things to end are made, Farewell to this Landscape! A convulsive haze, inverting the limbo of the earth reducing the planes to dread, universal mantle of disgrace
Sinful paths to desolation, The mastery of this procreation Revel with all misery To rip their hearts in agony I see the strength of my world Those I hold sacred, they should live, The gate of the flesh now is closed Apocalypse is coming, we will feel Now Northern winds have come The bitter cold grab their souls Forever lurking in this place The Nightfall Deathly Symbols ills! Ceremonies at their burial grounds Oh in what wretched times we all live From grave to grave, the prayers fail The full blossom of this odious death Standing by the cemetary gate Wide awake and fully desolate And Open are the doors of the horizon Unlocked its bolts to bring their final breath I see the strength of this fog No mercy for those with no will The traits of these pestilence unleashed and to the pits we'll all reveal in pain Oh in what wretched times we all live Apocalypse is coming, we will feel...
He is not from the Earth He Belongs to the Sky He Spread his Wings Longing for the astral realm... A dimension almost no one can see A return from Mictlan, The paranormal abysm He’s the Chill in the air This will be his last Mission So Rise, with passion and Rage And feel the death of the Ancient Dreams Leave this plane and watch as the world burns... Desolation of the earth without hope, without goals Surround your fevered restrain and fly to the blackest abyss So Rise, with passion and Rage And feel the death of the Ancient Dreams Truth has been long lost... Death Remains in glorious ways He will not return, forevermore...


Chapter #11 - Full Length #9
Compact Disc released on 10/1/2022


released May 27, 2022

Daniel Corchado: Guitars, Bass, Vocals, FX
Antonio Leon: Drums

All Music & Lyrics Created by Daniel Corchado
Drums tracked at The Chasm HQ
Produced, Recorded and Designed by Corchado at Luxinframundis, 2021-2022
Mixed by Corchado/Montgomery
Mastered by Geoff Montgomery at the Ensomberoom V3, May 2022


all rights reserved



Luxinframundis Productions Chicago, Illinois

Luxinframundis was created by Daniel Corchado in 2001,the main purpose of the Light of the Infraworld is to record, produce and release (in limited editions) music created from deep within, for pure personal fulfillment of the artist. 90% of the production process are done in-house and with a DIY attitude. ... more

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