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The Tertiary Rite


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Darkening, stillborn from infernal flames Of hate's unconditional, neverending burn the one!, the all!, the congregaters sing To pray, to honor, the unnerving rage! Spread my fiery wing of madness, Your invincible dream... Cry and fear, my dear folk, I will bring you the real doom Hear Me now, I am the fuel of your Fear Chant my words, and feel the crushing steel! Light for darkness, and darkness for light, feel... Hands in chains, then I steal your soul, you must believe, this inner realm is real! Believe in My veiled truth and burn thy meaning deep inside your souless skull with my brimstone ring I feed your anguish your brightest illusions, I melt away! Hands in chains, now your soul is mine, you are a believer, the One that falls! (Lead: Escamilla) Fly over me children, Revel in My world And fight between yourselves, and cry forevermore, I feed from your anguish, and I'll live forever Feast from my darkest fire,fear for my word Fear for my word....
The dream is on, I dare to go Bonded with destiny, with the knowledge of Fear, Fading away...All the spirits are calling my name, “Bring us the madness” Do they see, where am I going? Descend, walk away... Oh Lords of Midnight, Guide me through your light, give me the answers, the reasons for this Pain, What can you explain? The reasons to live? Please tell me the stories, the birth of my Will! Why did we came? Are we here just as dust and deception? To never be free? Cold stars and Desert Lands, Barren landscapes all come together! Voices appear, they are sealing my Tears! Show me the way... The wicked night has faded, and staring at their eyes, I see the endless maze, closing inside my brain Why did they brought, this visions of misery, sinking my heart, Into the Darkness?
Pain Rains, thirst for the dark but nothing is real, I can hear the sound of the dying world, Time’s up, the vision of truth is glowing like Flames, I strain my heart with the feeling of The Cosmic spice Now the sun will destroy, all with it’s mighty blaze, Feeling lost deeep inside, I drink this quantum rage! In golden vessels I set the Journey... The travel is in silence, staring at my own face, But here I’ll Die? And how to know where I am? This thunderstorm is my guidance, The exile from this Place... From what distance can a man reach the sights, The envisions that are just Illusions, And I’m beholding Him, the same way that I’ve cultivated this Fury! Rise and fight, the only way, to leave this realm of Misery! Lead: Escamilla Rain of Pain, but the wisdom is found, and now I can see, the spirit is free for the Burn to begin! The tide turns, the momenth of truth has come in again, to the stars I’ll set the Final way Now the sun has devoured, all with it’s Mighty shine, I’m Feeling the force deep inside, as I spill the Quantum Rage! Lead: Escamilla
I sail across the sinister sea, With no idea of what will be, What will become of my life? What will become of me? Drifting through the sea, the sky begins to crack, rain pours and lightning strikes, I feel my time is near, the wind is cold, it fills my lungs, I struggle to breath, No time to repent! Your fate is simple, you won't get away Relief your faults into these waters of venom, Ascending Sun, Dying, Dying...What can they do, you are falling apart, crying with hate. Shattered fantasy, attempting to be real What do it see is the sign of deceiving this life. Conquered, broken, cheated. One can defeat these chain, Sinister rage is all I am. We'll make you pay! Sinister sea, take me with you! A Mysterious prison is filling myself Maybe tomorrow my reason will perish and madness will help me, take me to the sea. Tasting this passion, Awating the fall Mankind is nothing but a sad chapter in the story of life. Conquered, broken, cheated. Sinister sea is awaiting for me, Empty my reason! Shattered fantasy, attempting to be real Sinister sea take me with you We'll make them pay! Lead: Escamilla
Wash all away, What's all you've seen? Only a failed rite, You see? I want to forget you,Watching this dark fate Beating in my heart,Crashing your saints, Things need to change I want all your sinners, Sanctuary will burn! Lead: Escamilla I'll wash away, All this ignorance you hate, No more delay, Fly away,Higher than all this "good" misery, We'll fly away, Counting the calls of archangels, Hunting our memories, Always deceiving, Come to me razors, Open their flesh of lies, of lies! Wish you were dead, Full of betrayal, Pushing a past of decay, Awakening the spell.... War! No need for forgiveness, We follow no one, Prepare here comes the new age, Only the war of our ancestors will count, No need to pray, all the mistery reveals, Time will dictate our mistakes in the battle... Spirits, archangels. The time has become, I can see the children of fools running this world. Lead: Escamilla Spirits, archangels. The time has become, I can see the children of fools running this world.
I have trained myself with Rage and Power, Now I’m running down with the rain, To save my soul, not afraid, With all the Pain and the sun is away, I will take my way, with nothing left behind! I’m breaking down the shell, To fulfill the internal calling,and the time is now,for not caring about the past,and the failures I had and the falls of Destiny! And I’ve lost myself,deep in the coldest nights, while trying to find the answers! I’m not insane, I know I have to go,To the place of No Return, I am not afraid of the Outcome! On this way, there’s nothing left To lose, Drifting along the Cryptic sands of Hell! Seize the Day, like there’s no Tomorrow, Time will tell, if this burning was the Fate! Leading, not following, no one is setting the pace, no one to share my burden, Running fast, not slowing down, because I don’t know for how long, I will stay on this earth! The Riddle’s Force! The time will come and I just need to find the answers, to The riddle’s Force So I can stop my Searching... Lead: Escamilla So this Ends, the sleeper has awakened! Change and goals, are all that will remain, I’ll ride the Storms, and sail without remorse, Fighting more to find the Final days!
I. The Place for the Dark Sabbath Sinners here, come to me I can make you endless, Liberty, in your eyes, just follow me through my Dark Path! All your chains I will take, wicked souls all bow to me, Change is here, awake and fly, come together to my Hell! Lead: Escamilla Grief, Pain, rages inside your minds! II. The Reaper has Landed Your wishes are taken, all priests invocate in this Temple, (Your) Destiny is taken away. Sulphur Mountains Lead your way, Raging Fire, It won’t let you go away, I’ll give you all the royal Hate, Pay me respects and sing my Ritual Prayer: “Reaper come to me, I praise your Mighty Ways, Take away my Faith, break my Chains!” Lead: Escamilla I wish I could give you many more years of Deception and frustration! But awake and see, your empty soul and empty words, Wither and fall, like and autumn leaf! Don’t fade away, your suffering must last longer, your simple cries won’t bring you any good, Bow to me, it’s your Destiny, Now your Doom has begun... III. Messiah from the Depths of Inferno I’m the prophet of Ill, Destroyer of empty hope and faith, To fill your world with Plague, Visions of festering wounds are yours! My Demons will writhe Forever! Deep inside your Feeble Mind, Feel the beauty of your Disgrace! Feel this Wrath! Repent for your wasted Years! Dreams are gone, your foul essence Decays! World in chaos, and No one can be saved! Reign of Terror! Understand this is the End! Lead: Escamilla My sons, Feel the Fire and the Passion, I am your Messiah, Speaker of this Temple, The one who lives in the depths of your own INFERNO! (Today is the day, you will be put into the ground But not to lie in peace but to live through the Eternal Pain)


Available on LP & CD on September 15th via RIP Records.

Cassette edition via Nameless Grave Records (100 copies) Sold Out.

Third album from the no-gimmicks unorthodox molten Heavy Metal entity ACERUS, this time recorded with a complete line up, and once again self recorded/produced.


released May 15, 2020

Esteban Julian Pena-Vocals
Mario Hernandez-Drums
Ed Escamilla-Lead Guitar
Daniel Corchado-Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Bass, FX

Produced and MIxed by Daniel Corchado
Mastered by Dan Klein at Iron Hand Audio, Chicago ,IL
All Music and Artwork by Corchado


all rights reserved



Luxinframundis Productions Chicago, Illinois

Luxinframundis was created by Daniel Corchado in 2001,the main purpose of the Light of the Infraworld is to record, produce and release (in limited editions) music created from deep within, for pure personal fulfillment of the artist. 90% of the production process are done in-house and with a DIY attitude. ... more

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